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#M1B/27/38 - off black, blond, brown
#M1B/27/38 - off black, blond, brown

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Welcome Client

The colored boxes on my calendar  are all real customers in real time. Get in where you fit in by clicking on the date, available time and service.  When you submit your booking, I will be notified via my email or text. 

  • I do not take walk-ins nor cash.
  • I do not answer the phone when I'm working.
  • I do not return calls to answer questions about pricing or services as they are listed in various places throughout my website.
  • More importantly,  I work exclusively one on one so there is no overbooking appointments. 


How to use Calendar

All prices are located next to the services when you log in onto the calendar.  Details about services are located seperately under the cost & services tab on the left.  Please set up a profile first if you havent done so.  All services require an upfront deposit which is mandatory when you attempt to book your appointment.  I charge on a sliding scale depending on how labor intensive rendering a service is and so it is very important to understand that you may incur additional expenses based on my metrics.

  1. Click the above banner and you will be directed to my online calendar.
  2. Click on the date you want to come, log in or create a profile, and fill in the blanks or follow the prompts.
  3. After you log in, you'll see provided a list of services I'm proficient in, their starting cost & minimum time it takes to perform a loc style, complete a session or consultation with me.
  4. Select your request, proceed with payment by using your credit or debit card.
  5. For convenience and safety I do not accept cash. Your prepayment is seen as a positive declaration intended to give confidence that you respect my time & talent.

But i dont have a credit card . All I have is cash.

With your Cash, you can go to a Grocery Store, Gas Station, or Retailer to buy a Prepaid Card with a MasterCard or Visa  Logo. They work the same as cash. These cards are activated usually at the checkout.

How much do your services cost?

1. Website - Simply go the the cost and services tab located in left column of the website and scroll down to visit our menu.  Select an option and examine the prices. The prices on the website vary depending on labor intensity and the time put in to do each style.

2. Calendar - The prices are listed next to the services in the drop down menu located on the calendar under Service Type. They reflect the minimum cost to provide the service. If the labor I provide requires more work than the minimum time allowed for each particular service then obviously the price will go up. I do have a virtual online terminal for credit and debit cards to settle any additional charges. Prepayment is mandatory and not up for negotiations. If you cannot afford the payment at the time you wish to make your appointment please choose another date better suited towards your finances.

Description of Services

Services are described under the cost & services tab on the left side of the website. 

I dont have a computer

If not from your cell phone or at work then go to the library or a friends house. Its really just a matter of convenience for me since rarely do I have time to pick up the phone or to look at the calendar during business hours. Only you would know when you are available. It is so easy for you to just look at the schedule to see who is on the books and then make your own appointment and come in.

Overbooking Clients

Currently, I am the only stylists on duty.. I work exclus!vely on a one on 1 basis. The calendar only allows for individual appointement scheduling.

Issues with leaving personal information over the internet

This is a legitimate business rendering specialized services by a  licensed professional. You will use your card anyway on gas at the pump or to buy groceries, etc. It is just the cost of doing business nowadays. Online transactions are an everyday occurrence. If you have ever ordered flowers for mom, paid a bill online or bought something via ebay or, etc. then you have an idea how efficient and secure it is to use the internet.


If you've already read the frequently asked questions  and you still don't have all your answers please consider getting an exclusive one on one consult with me.
In the drop down select service menu located on the calendar, select consultation. They are $25 for a 1/2 hour. Consults are not necessary unless you actually have in depth inquiries or want to actually meet with me in person before I get started.

Changing or Editing Your Appointments
Click on the pencil box near your appointment on the calendar.  Make sure you do not click on the X box or you will delete your appointment . Thus, an attempted charge will be made to go in and make another appointment.  Again you will not be charged for going in to change or edit your appointment date and time so long as you click on the pencil box.

Mistakes & Refunds

Please pay close attention to what you are doing when you are scheduling an appointment on the calendar. If you mistakenly delete your appointment because you meant to change your time or date but instead deleted it OR you choose the wrong hairstyle request, regardless your card has been charged. As a result, I will void the transaction so you will not be charged twice for going in and making another appointment. If the transaction clears and in case you are charged twice, then I will gladly refund the money for the previous transaction. If the transaction settles it will take up to 3 business days for to refund the monies back onto the card you have on file.


If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you must do so a minimum of 2 hours in advance to avoid any fees. Appointments rescheduled or cancelled within 2 hours will incur  fees at the time the appointment is changed or deleted.  I do not have a hardship policy.  If you’re unable to make an appointment and you do not reschedule or cancel prior to the 2 hour time period for any reason the cost of the service will not be refunded or applied to another appointment.  This is looked at as a blatant disrespect to my time and too prohibits other clients from potentially booking for an appointment at that same time/date. When you delete your appointment a minimum of 2 hours to your prior, I will refund your money. The amount will be credited back onto the card you used to make the appointment as long as you permit atleast 2 hours prior - In light, that someone else can potentially book for that time. Simply click on the pencil or X box and follow thru with your cancellation.

No Call No Show

  I will most likely give you the benefit of the doubt and allow up until 10 minutes to atleast call me or show up late however, this is a major inconvenience to me & customers coming in after you whose time is infringed upon by you pushing back my whole schedule. Your Payment will be kept and any deposit forfeited as a result of a no call no show. Time is Money in this business so I appreciate your consideration in this matter.

Safeguarding Customer Information

The transactions are handled via a secured payment gateway which communicates with the customers bank to determine if they have sufficient funds and a legitimate account for the transaction. If the card is bad, the gateway sends an error code, which our software interprets and displays. The event will not be added to the calendar unless a successful transaction was completed. We do not disclose any non public personal information about our customers or former customers to anyone except as instructed to do so by such customers or as required by law. We restrict access to non public personal information to those professionals necessary to comply with state and federal laws and we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard your non public personal information.

Thanks for your Support

Please, I do not welcome negotiators. It is imperative that you read & understand the website material so you know what to anticipate before we do business. I do not discount my services based on what other like-business rates are charging. You simply get what you pay for. When you make your appointment I will honor your time by providing reputable service. If I cannot provide service due to forces outside of my control you will be promptly notified via the contact info you have provided.


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